About Us

Mr Galea- Head of SKSM

            OUR VISION

To nurture in our students self-discipline, the importance of  mental and physical health for a healthy and fun filled life-style, and to seek safe environments where habits are of good practices and which provide a learning environment.

To expose our students to the competitive side of Karate where those who excel and want to advance in their career are guided accordingly while the sense of belonging and our teachings at SKSM will remain with them for life.


To instil in children, teenagers, and young adults the important qualities of respect and self-discipline; two basic qualities which are a great challenge for parents in today’s society.

Through a holistic approach, the intention of SKSM is to motivate and encourage students to enjoy and improve their skills in training and to succeed academically, with the aim of helping them pave the way towards a happy, healthy and successful life; a positive attitude and one which is free from bad habits. SKSM provides opportunities for students to participate in various activities and to compete both nationally and internationally, in order to enhance their self-confidence, communication skills and social interaction.