A team of Maltese athletes from SKSM, a martial arts school based in Mosta, attended a seminar in Greece organised by a Greek karate association under the auspices of the Mediterranean Karate Alliance (MKA). Seven countries took part with a significant number of participants.

The two-day seminar was led by five international senseis, including Chris Galea from SKSM, and other senseis from Italy, Egypt, and Greece.


SKSM competitors


Eight athletes from SKSM took up the opportunity to participate in this seminar, where they were trained in self-defence techniques, competition techniques, and the use of kobudo weapons. After the seminar, a competition was held among the athletes who were in attendance, which attracted close to two hundred competitors.

Among the officials of the competition were Vanessa Pace and Denise Ciantar, who travelled specifically to be part of the referees’ panel. They were trained by Lucienne Galea, SKSM, a referee of international standing and president of the referee board within the World Karate-Do Alliance.

The Maltese athletes achieved excellent results with five gold medals, three silver medals, and one bronze medal.


SKSM Competitors
SKSM competitor


SKSM is preparing another group that will participate in a competition at the end of May in Sicily. Currently, SKSM is accepting new applications to provide more opportunities to those who are interested in participating in national and international events and competitions.