MKA – Malta KOBUDO Academy

SKSM teaches Kobudo with the aim of enhancing students’ motor and fine skills, coordination, awareness,  self-discipline, and strength.  Education with a Difference is what makes SKSM Unique, as it targets to increase brain development through different approaches.

The contrasting aspects in the teachings of SKSM, that is, that of Karate – which means ‘Empty hand’ and that of Kobudo – where students make use of a weapon, is not contradictory for the reason of the teaching aims themselves.  SKSM aims at helping students increase and maintain their attention span, learn to be creative, learn leadership skills, and targets self-confidence.  The use of a weapon during movement increases the  attention span, self-discipline, concentration, and coordination.



Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai (RKHS) is the style MKA teaches at SKSM, under the teachings of  Kuniyoshi Sensei and Sensei Valeriy.  Kuniyoshi Sensei lives in Okinawa and he was a senior student of Eisuke Akamine.  In 2013, he was appointed the 3rd President of the RKHS, and is a highly respected teacher.  In 2019, Kuniyoshi Sensei was awarded 8th Dan by the Okinawa Traditional Kobudo Federation.

To the left, group photo of Sensei Valeriy and Sensei Lucienne (centre), taken during a Kobudo Seminar in Mosta dojo in March 2023.