MO 2023

Malta Open Championships and European Kobudo Championships are two separate Championships which were run at the same time in the same venue.

Competitors could participate in both Events, however, registrations for each Event were done through 2 different links; one for Malta Open 2023, and the other link for the European Kobudo Championships.


Another successful event! Two Championships running parallel to one another - Malta Open and European Kobudo Championships, with a total of 8 areas and 40 referees. In total, 63 Organisations participated from 28 countries with a total of 739 competitors.

The organiser, Mr Chris Galea, expressed his thanks to all those who cooperated in the smooth running of these Championships.  The unique set up devised by the organiser was applauded by all.

During the Opening Ceremony,  all organisations and their countries were called, and competitors lined up in front of officials. The Maltese National Anthem was played after all music stopped.


Competitors could compete in both Championships, that is, the Malta Open Categories and the European Kobudo Categories. The European Kobudo Championship medals were presented on a separate podium from that of the Malta Open, where different medals were presented to the winners. Simply Unique -  Two Championships spread over 2 days, on the same venue.