What are students saying?

Liam Gauci with Sensei Lucienne & Sensei Chris

When people usually ask someone ‘’Which sport do you practise?’’, the reply would be simply a straight forward answer like ‘’karate, football, hockey,...’’.  For that same question, however, my reply would be – I train Karate with SKSM – because that is how proud I am of it.  For us students it is not simply going to our weekly classes and listen to our teachers teaching us the art of karate but it is more of situation, or rather an experience where we go… meet up with our friends, share, have fun,… in other words SKSM has become our second family and our eagerness to learn karate has increased.

I was taught and raised with my friends at SKSM under the guidance of two great teachers who have led me to become more mature and their influence has undoubtedly left a positive mark in my life. For us it is not simply training with SKSM, but with a family which is also our scapegoat from the daily routine and problems in life – this is how much SKSM means to us!

          Liam Gauci

Dwain Camilleri - Kobudo Show - Russia

Hi! My name is Dwayne. I have been attending SKSM Karate Malta for about 7 years now.  At SKSM I have made a great number of friends and I have enjoyed every second of every lesson. I am very happy at SKSM. Sensei Chris and Sensei Lucienne respect us and discipline us in order to prepare us for our future. All Sempais do so too, because that is how everyone is taught at SKSM.

Dwayne Camilleri

Amber Camilleri

I have been part of SKSM for the past six years and I do not regret one single moment. Apart from gaining self-discipline, boosting my fitness levels, as well as other amazing qualities learnt from both Sensei Chris and Sensei Lucienne, the fun memories experienced at our dojo together with the amazing friendships I have built, will definitely last a lifetime. Personally I have trained martial arts elsewhere before starting at SKSM and nothing beats the methods of teaching and atmosphere found at SKSM.

Amber Camilleri


Friends turn into family. This is something that I realised here at SKSM. I have been training at SKSM for the past 13 years and I have never walked in with a frown on my face because since the first moment that I attended, I knew that I have chosen the right place – a place with amazing people, an amazing atmosphere and two truly remarkable teachers. Both Sensei Chris and Sensei Lucienne, whom I consider to be my second parents, share a passion like no other. Through these past 13 years, I have had the opportunity to learn from the two most qualified Karate Teachers in the country, and if that doesn’t make me proud, then I do not know what will! The methods of teaching are like no other and not only in Karate, but also in life. Though the training sessions are of course aimed towards the teaching of the art of Karate, sessions are also aimed at how we look at life with all its challenges at school, work, and everywhere during our ups and downs; in other words – Reality.

Ben Fenech

Steve Gruppetta

I found a second home at SKSM, and am grateful to have two passionate, determined and committed teachers who contribute towards both my Karate and personal development. Training sessions at SKSM are always fun, challenging and motivational and are not just about practicing Shotokan Karate techniques and Katas but also involve physical training, helping support an active and healthy lifestyle. Sensei Chris and Sensei Lucienne’s teachings are also about our personal development, helping us learn how to better handle and develop from personal struggles in a more confident way. I have had the opportunity to travel with SKSM too and opportunities are endless, from training seminars in Sicily to frequent competition opportunities across Europe to international competitions right here in Malta. It is truly up to you! But karate training at SKSM is far more than just competitions and perfecting karate techniques, and more about becoming stronger both mentally and physically in a supportive environment while developing long-lasting friendships along the way.

Steve Gruppetta

Michael Muscat

SKSM has been like a second home to me. I feel safe and respected at SKSM and I have made several new friends, not only from Malta but also from other countries.  I still have a long way to go but I feel that I always learn something from every training session.  Training at SKSM makes me feel stronger not only physically but also mentally because when I feel stressed I can express my feelings through physical training and what I love most – I like Karate but my passion is Kobudo (weapons).  Thanks to Sensei Chris and Sensei Lucienne for teaching us Kobudo also at SKSM because I have discovered a new talent, and I can be more myself during these training sessions.  I always enjoy all the other activities organised by SKSM and I can hardly believe that already 3 years have passed. I am very happy that I have joined SKSM and proud to be part of such a great Team!

Michael Muscat


Chris Micallef

I work in financial regulatory compliance and am a qualified financial economist. My job requires attention to detail, rapid and risk-based responses, as well as the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. I am also responsible for leading a group of staff members in achieving our team's objectives and maintaining satisfactory response rates. Inevitably, this entails stress and mental exhaustion.

I have always maintained an interest in martial arts but due to academic and personal aims, had never found the time to commit to regular training. This changed in 2011 when I decided that it was high time I started. After deciding karate was the discipline which caught my interest mostly, and which seemed to be suitable to my body type, I attended training sessions at several local schools and selected SKSM. I am now in my seventh year of regular twice-a-week training at SKSM and am enjoying every minute of it.

Training at SKSM has helped me immensely. It has given me immense self-belief and confidence where I have become fearless in the face of adversity. Problems met can be tackled in a calmer and more mature fashion by breaking them down into smaller less complex problems which can be solved. SKSM has also provided me with the ability to be strong while being calm, a skill set which allows one to avoid potentially problematic situations altogether. Opportunities at working in teams, with training partners, as well as helping in the administration of the Malta Open International Karate Championships, have improved my team working and networking abilities. Such transferable skills are immediately applicable to my professional as well as personal life.

A by-product of my karate training has undoubtedly been my health and physical capabilities. Through the holistic training we are guided through, I have found my athletic ability has come forward by leaps and bounds and I have a great physique. Undoubtedly, such progress provides me with an additional source of happiness and confidence.

SKSM is a shotokan karate school which emphasises the old ways of karate, whereby while competition is embraced, respect for oneself and others as well as discipline are instilled in students. I have built long-lasting friendships and Sensei Chris and Sensei Lucienne succeed in maintaining a family feeling at the dojo. Without any doubt, I would recommend SKSM to anyone wanting to change their life for the better, learning self-defense skills and transferable skills in the process.

Christopher Micallef

Kelvin Vella

I have been training at SKSM for 12 years now and it has helped me not only physically but also mentally.  SKSM has taught me never to give up especially in difficult situations but to keep trying until I succeed – of course with the help of those who wish me well.  It made me believe more in my abilities and helped me increase my self-confidence.  Sensei Chris and Sensei Lucienne were always there for me when I needed them and I treasure their teachings and friendship dearly.  I have honest friends at SKSM and jokes never stop 🙂  …

SKSM does not have an elite team as it believes in inclusion and gives opportunities to everyone. I am always given the opportunity to compete in Malta and abroad, attend training camps, take part in demonstrations, opportunities never stop… I am very happy and proud to be part of SKSM.

Kelvin Vella