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MO 2022




After having Malta Open postponed for 2 years, enthusiasm has increased amongst all competitors, coaches, and referees. Everybody is now excited and looking forward to the New Edition of the MALTA OPEN 2022.  Hard work and effort by a great team for the preparation of this Event Where TRADITION Meets TECHNOLOGY! The resulting strength of SKSM in collaboration with MKA; fully supported by the WORLD Karate-Do Alliance and the WORLD Martial-Arts Allegiance!


Malta Open 2022 will be divided into the LIVE Section, where competitors, coaches, and Referees meet physically on the Tatami, while at the same time, another ongoing Section will involve the participation of online competitors in Real Time, Live Streamed!

LIVE Championships together with REAL Time LIVE Streamed Championships on both days.

Be the FIRST to form part of this HISTORY!



  • Online Registration will open 2nd week of January 2022.
  • The direct easy links for the Registration Forms are shown below (red and green buttons).
  • When Registrations are Open, it will be announced on all social media and website



For online Registration you need to prepare the following:


A Recent Digital Clear Passport Size Photo of each athlete face, including the Coach(s);      (the same for Judges/ Referees); must be uploaded during Registration.   If not, Registration will NOT be accepted by the system.    All Photos will be kept until one week after the MALTA OPEN Event.  (All Photos and Athletes’ details will be deleted from the system (as per Malta Data Protection Law).


All given Information will ONLY be used for MALTA OPEN Operation System and Promotion Material for the same event.




Malta Open 2022