SKSM Karate Malta

SKSM Teachers Graded in Taranto

SKSM teachers have been Honoured this month during Seminars and Gradings held in Taranto, Italy, by Shotokan, Goju-Ryu and Kobudo Masters.

The experience, skill, training and passion shown by SKSM teachers Sensei Chris and Sensei Lucienne have earned them their 7th and 6th Dan Grades respectively after several years of hard training, dedication and commitment. Master Cosimo Cavallo was pleased to grade for the second time for nearly over 30 years, the most respected and loyal Karate Teachers known to have continued their journey together not only in Karate, but in Karate-Do.

Master Cavallo has been in the hearts of both SKSM Teachers for his genuine support and help throughout all these years and Sensei Chris and Sensei Lucienne feel honoured to have been graded once again by Master Cavallo.  As always, SKSM teachers have always been welcomed and highly respected in every country they have visited.